The steps below will ensure that the power equipment and/or instrument(s) you are sending will be serviced properly.

Surgical Instruments and Power Repair

Step 1Please download, print, and fill out the appropriate form:

Please ensure you include your account number. If you do not know, or do not remember your account number, call us at 904-436-6540 for assistance.

>>>> Download the Instrument Repair Form <<<<


>>>> Download the Power Equipment Repair Form <<<<


>>>> Download the IMEX Instrument Repair Form <<<<


Step 2: Please print and fill out the forms linked here:

>>>> Download the Certificate of Sterilization Here <<<<

Include both these forms (repair form and sterilization form) with the shipment of your power equipment and/or instrument(s) to us. 

Please note, repairs may take 6-8 weeks for completion, 4 weeks once approved for power repairs and 1-3 weeks once approved for instrument repairs. Please reach out to your Movora Representative for an update.

BioMedtrix Reprocess & Resterilization Request

Please fill out the form below for all implants being submitted for resterilization. Then email David Helms to start the process.
Note: Implants with polyethlene components are not approved for resterilization.

>>>> Download the BioMedtrix Reprocess & Resterilization Form <<<<

Reference the PDF below for more information about product shelf life 

>>>> Download the Product Shelf Life Information <<<<

Power Equipment Warranty information:

All Power Equipment sold and distributed by Movora comes with a limited warranty. Upon receipt of your new power equipment, you will receive a paper copy of your warranty certificate completed by your Customer Account Specialist or Movora representative. It is important to keep these warranties in a handy spot should you need to access them to initiate a repair or return. 


All Power Equipment under sale of Movora and its subsidiaries is subject to the following terms:

From Date of Purchase, the following warranties are stated:


  • Hand Pieces includes: T2100 – Pneumatic TPLO Saw, MSS 1630 – Micro Sagittal Saw- 1 Year
  • Attachments includes: T2100-25 – Pneumatic TPLO Hose – 1 Year
  • Accessories for system maintenance are not under warranty at the time of sale

deSoutter POWER

  • Hand Pieces ( New ) includes: V-MBQ-708 Ortholite Handpiece Twin Trigger – 1 Year
  • Attachments ( New ) includes: V-NQ-707, Sagittal, V-OQ-708 TPLO, TPLO, V-DQ-708 JAC, Jacobs Chuck, V-DQ-708-AO, AO Chuck, V-WQ-707, Wire Driver – 1 Year
  • Batteries ( New ) Aseptic or Autoclavable – 90 Days
  • Battery Charging System – 1 Year
  • Accessories for system maintenance are not under warranty at the time of sale
  • deSoutter Electric Cast Saw – V4772821 – 1 Year
  • deSoutter Pneumatic T.P.L.O. Saw – DPX-170S – 1 Year
  • Pneumatic Hose for DPX-170S – 1 Year


  • Hand Pieces ( New ) includes: GT668 – 3Ti T.P.L.O. Saw , GA671- 3Ti Small Drill – 1 Year
  • Attachments ( New ) includes: GB635R – AO Drill Attachment, GB638R – Jacobs Drill Attachments, GB643R – Wire and Pin Attachments, GB660R – Sagittal Attachment – 1 Year 
  • Batteries ( New ) only for GA666 – 3Ti NiMH Battery Short – 90 Days
  • Battery Charging System – 1 Year
  • Accessories for system maintenance are not under warranty at the time of sale


  • Hand Pieces ( Refurbished ) S-4200 – 90 Days
  • Attachments ( Refurbished ) includes: S-4100-110 – AO Drill Attachment, S-4100-131 – Jacobs Drill Attachment, S-4100-125/S-4100-62 – Wire and Pin Attachments, S-4100-400 – Sagittal Attachment, V-2110-120- Charging Bay – 90 Days 
  • Batteries ( New ) STR-4000 – 60 Days
  • Batteries (Refurbished) STR-4000R, S-4112R – 60 Days
  • Accessories for system maintenance are not under warranty at the time of sale

Movora and its subsidiaries hold the rights to exclude warranties based off of periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear, improper care procedures and misuse of intended power equipment.

Warranties are invalid if the factory applied serial number has been altered or removed from the equipment.

Warranties do not cover:

  • Cosmetic damages due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use or modification of any part of the equipment. 
  • Damage due to improper operation or maintenance, connection to improper voltage supply (if applicable) 
  • Attempted repair by any other party other than Movora.

Repair and Refurbishment Warranty

All hand pieces and attachments will be returned to customer with a 90 day part and labor warranty starting on the date of completed repair. Proof of purchase in the form of a bill of sale or receipted invoice, which is evidence that the equipment is within the Warranty period, must be presented to obtain Warranty service.

Warranties on all Power Equipment are VOID for the following reasons:

  • Improper care
  • Improper use  
  • Damage from dropping

Refer to your Manufacturer Care and Maintenance manuals received upon purchase to ensure your warranties are valid. Your Customer Account Specialist will set a date to go over the care and maintenance of your equipment. Please make yourself available on the date discussed.

Please take the time to fill the forms listed prior to sending in power equipment for repair.